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BareEscentuals Belle: March 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bare beginnings: skincare routine

Morning routine: 

Purifying Facial Cleanser 
I absolutely love the Purifying Facial Cleanser! It will take all of your make up off, even waterproof mascara,without irritating your eyes. And I have VERY sensitive eyes. (I don't wear contacts but have heard its great for people that do) Also a little goes a long way...there have been times were I have thought "I have a ton of makeup on I will need two pumps" and it is still just more than you need. Before this came into my life I would almost never wash my face because it was not pleasant but now I look forward to it!  

Purely Nourishing Moisturizer
Then I use Purely Nourishing Moisturizer: Combination Skin. 
A quick note: using a moisturizer regularly can prevent wrinkles. I haven't been using this long as I just received it so I will update you later when I can really review it. So far I like it and the way it absorbs into my skin. 

 Night Routine:

Sometimes I wash my face at night with the facial cleanser but I am not at all consistent with that and am trying to get better.

Then I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control, 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment, which was recommended by a beauty guru a while back and I so far have seen great results. I was breaking out all the time just due to stress and I couldn't get rid of the stress in my life so this helped. Although I still have problems with breakouts during pms and my period. Soon I will start using BE's Blemish Therapy.

 Once that has dried I use the Pure Transformation Night Treatment which I have also not been using for that long and will give a full review at another time.

 Then I use RELIGIOUSLY the Firming Eye Treatment. I have always had huge bags under my eyes due to many different reasons beyond my control. But since starting this I have noticed a significant difference. My under eye circles are lighter, less puffy looking and all around less noticeable. I really wish I had a before photo to show you!    

And that is my daily skin care routine! I am going to try the Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser soon (i hope) and will let you know about that and if it will become a regular part of my routine.

*I have purchased all of the products myself and am in no way associated with these companies.*


Monday, March 28, 2011

so far behind on a blog i just started

I have been planning on starting this blog for so long now that I actually feel behind in my posting! It may seem weird but I have taken pictures of looks I have worn recently and now they are just sitting around on my hard drive. So hang in there while I try to catch up.

I am constantly in search of anything that will make my eyelashes stand out, longer, thicker, and more noticeable. I also love to test out new products, so every month I will test out a new product and share the results with you. Including before and after photos and how I liked it. I started testing out l'oreal lash boosting serum  and will give my full report after the 1st.

Also I bought BE's The Perfect Gift on auto-delivery back in November and have just received the second shipment, and am taking photos of it now but I feel bad posting about the second one before the first. So I am working on getting that in order also. But in the meantime here are some bloggers that I read regularly and their thoughts and looks of The Perfect Gift #1 (which you can only get from qvc)

Here is Heather's swatches and look, and then she posted some tips and other ways to wear the collection and video tutorials from Leslie herself

DWJ of The Art of Accessories also tried out this kit

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new products to and

today bare mineral's website has added some new products. some of them were previously qvc exclusive, and they are all gorgeous collections:

Gold Rush - Fabulous Eyecolor Palette - Sweet Siren

also if you spend over $75 and use the code PEEPERS you will get a great free gift: has recently released the buxom babes spring collection: swinger girls, which I am completely crazy for. if I had just come across this online I could have passed it by but I saw a review of this from a fellow blogger and I have got to have this! also it is rumored that buxom heather in this is named after the blogger herself! it is an online exclusive and limited edition so buy it quick! 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bareMinerals Skin Care Launch and Giveaway

Just this month BE has launched their new and improved skin care line. I have tried only two of the products so far but I love them and can not live without them. And for the next six days they are giving away 1,000 of their 30 day try me collection on facebook. Click here to enter! 


Monday, March 14, 2011

Bare Escentual's Belle Introduces Herself

Growing up I was never really the girly girl type. At most in high school I wore a little black eyeliner. When I started college I started to wear mascara and eyeliner due to my roommate's amazing eyelashes (but more on that later) almost everyday. My sophomore year of college my mom bought me the bareMinerals starter kit on our hair dresser's recommendation. That is when I fell in love with bareMinerals.

Over the past year while I have been unemployed I have read tons of beauty blogs, watched tutorials on youtube, and joined a forum specifically for bareMinerals lovers. And have managed to add to my be collection over the years. That is when I became obsessed with bareMinerals.

Which all leads to beginning this blog. I have collected tips and tricks and looks and how-to's over time and am constantly sharing them with my friends and thought maybe other people would be interested in them. The one thing that I always wanted more of was bareMinerals focused blogs and youtube videos. So I have decided to start my own. I must confess that I have no formal training in makeup, just a love for it thanks to bareMinerals.

So Welcome and please subscribe if you love bareMinerals or just makeup in general!