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BareEscentuals Belle: September 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm back after being mia...

Sorry to disappear off the radar for a while but I was busy moving halfway across the country and losing my camera cord in the safest place possible. But now I am done with the moving and unpacking (mostly) and have found my camera cord! And all the while I was photographing the looks I wore and new kits that I got. And by the way I moved within five minutes of a Bare Escentuals outlet and there is an Ulta in my backyard, which proves to not be good for my wallet.

So Saturday when I ran to Ulta to get a new eyelash curler with my Ulta coupon, what did I spy with my little eye? The Brand New BE Ready Eye Shadows! Having been so busy lately I had forgotten when they were going to be released! So of course I had to buy some but the woman at Ulta said that if I waited until the next day BE was doing a gift with purchase. So I decided I could wait one day and to swatch my choices to decide over night. So here are some of the new shadows:

The Elements (from left to right: Air, Fire, Earth & Water):

The Scenic Route (from left to right: Breathtaking & Spectacular):

The Paradise Found (from left to right: Nirvana & Utopia):

The Vision (from left to right: Illusion & Mirage):

The Flashback (from left to right: Deja Vu & Amnesia):

And pick up your free gift at Ulta while supplies last: 

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