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BareEscentuals Belle: May 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

siren of the sea: look #10

I wanted to use Mermaid as a liner but make it have a more foiled look like I did in Look #8 but on the upper lash line it didn't seem to work as well because after a couple of applications it never really got as dark as I wanted it to be, so I will just have to keep practicing. I also found that the Crease Brush works amazing for a highlight brush if you want a very soft highlight color. Here is how the look turned out:

  • Buxom Pup in Mutt on lid and in crease applied with finger
  • Hydrating Coral Blush patted on lid
  • Lilac Vibe as highlight using crease brush 
  • Mutt on a q-tip to define the v
  • Mermaid wet lined on upper lash line with slight flick
  • a couple of applications, let dry in between 
  • Buxom Leatherette for tight lining 
  • Curl lashes and CG Lashblast and FDVM 
  • Smitten Blush
  • Tinted Mineral Veil 
  • Everyday Foundation Routine
  • Fruit Smoothie lip gloss

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Monday, May 30, 2011

siren of the sea: look #9

This is a look I came up with when I really didn't have a lot of time to spend on my makeup but wanted to do something with the kit. Which also will explain the lack of photos for this look. But here is what I did:

  • High Shine Sand Dune on lid
  • Celestine buffed in crease
  • Retro liner dry along upper lash line and blend up
  • Buxom Leatherette close to upper lash line 
  • and flick out at end
  • Cover Girl Lashblast Volume and FDVM 
  • Everyday Foundation Routine
  • Smitten Blush
  • Leslie Buxom (regular one)

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

ten eye shadows return and more new things to come

On they have just brought back ten of their eye shadows due to popular demand! Here is the link for those. I want all of them but some I want more than others such as Wicked! It looks like such a great green color, but it will have to wait.

Also on Sephora's blog they featured a review of the newish Pretty Amazing lip colors. I currently have two and don't wear them that often, to me it is more appropriate to wear them when I am going out at night, but due to the rain I haven't been out lately. If you still haven't tried it then check out this review and get yourself some!

And finally Buxom has released some samples to a lucky few of a new product they will be releasing in August: Buxom Lip Tarnish! It is their version of a lip stain and there are four colors so far and they all look amazing and come with the Buxom tingle that I am addicted to! Check out a review of them here. And then spend the next couple of months lusting after them with me! 


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

siren of the sea: look #8

I wanted to use Mermaid as a liner but make it have a more foiled look, I guess I wanted it to be darker looking than it does when just wet lined. I also wanted to make a more dramatic look with the bottom liner in order to get out of my comfort zone. Also I am not used to wearing mascara on my bottom lashes because I feel like I look weird. Here is what I did:

  • High Shine Sand Dune on lid
  • Hydrating Coral Blush in crease
  • Buxom Leatherette along upper lash line
  • Mermaid wet lined all along the bottom lashes
  • let it dry and then wet line with Mermaid again
  • clean up any extra with a q-tip with makeup remover 
  • curl lashes and apply FDVM and FDM for top lashes 
  • and just a little FDM to bottom lashes
  • Everyday Foundation Routine 
  • Hydrating Coral Blush on cheeks 
  • Tinted Mineral Veil 
  • Samantha Buxom

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Monday, May 23, 2011

siren of the sea: look #7

For this look I wanted something more everyday and subtle. I also wanted something bright on my lids because the weather had been gray and raining for a couple of days, which is also why the color is a little off in some of the photos. Here is what I did:
  • Exotic Pearl patted on lid
  • High Shine Sand Dune buffed in crease and lightly in the v
  • Mermaid (dry) on lower lash line half way in
  • Buxom Leatherette on upper lash line and tight line
  • FDVM and FDM
  • Everyday Foundation Routine
  • Smitten blush
  • just chap-stick

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    new feature to my blog!

    I thought it would be interesting to keep track of any BE or Buxom products that I use all up! Considering how long most of the products last it is a short list but I think its an interesting thing to keep track of. If you would like to see the list it can be found here.  Or under the list of pages in the sidebar all the way at the bottom. So check it out and let me know what you have used all up. 

    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    siren of the sea: look #6

    Siren of the Sea meets Perfect Gift 2:
    • High Shine Sand Dune on lid
    • Thoughtful gently patted over center of the lid 
    • Thoughtful as brow highlight 
    • Treasured in the crease
    • Mermaid in the v for more definition 
    • Mermaid wet lined on lower lash line
    • Buxom Leatherette on upper lash line very close to lashes
    • Regular Foundation Routine
    • Smitten Blush
    • Just chap stick on my lips today

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    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Don't Forget! Plus an extra sale

    Okay...tomorrow kicks off the qvc weekend of BE which I have posted times and details for it here. But also there will be a 12 hour sale from 9am PST to 9pm PST tomorrow. Which is a great way to get something that you didn't pick up when it first came out and now regret not getting it! So fingers crossed things will be there and be cheap (like the brush kit that my roommate wants) Here is the link Happy Shopping!


    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    siren of the sea: look #5

    This look came about after the look #4 and the technique to make your lashes look thicker, I thought why not do that with mermaid? It's not really dark enough to make an impact on my lashes but I like the way it made eyes stand out. I would have used Krystal Buxom but I don't own it! So I just used my chap stick which worked just fine for me but the color wore off faster. Here is what I did:  
    • High Shine Sand Dune on lid
    • dry line with Mermaid and blend up and 
    • dry line Mermaid on lower lash line from outside corner half way in
    • line top lash line as close to lashes as possible with buxom leatherette 
    • go back over upper lash line with Mermaid and blend up
    • Everyday Foundation Routine
    • Smitten blush lightly on cheeks
    • Coral blush on lips with clear lipgloss over it 

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    Monday, May 16, 2011

    BE on qvc for anniversary show may 20-22

    This friday thru sunday BE will be on QVC for their anniversary show with some new products and a special webcast from Lisa and Leslie! Also some new products will be featured at special prices just for this weekend. Such as the Good Morning Gorgeous kit (pictured below), which I really want to pick up but have been waiting to see it on qvc first. You can see the full list of products here on MM even if you are not a member! So check it out and be sure to tune in!

    Here are the show times (they are all eastern times):

    10 am - noon
    7 pm - 9 pm
    Bonus: Webcast 9 pm - 9:30 pm

    1 am - 3 am
    3 pm - 5 pm

    4 pm - 6 pm
    9 pm - 11 pm


    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    siren of the sea: look #4

    I actually came up with this look because I was in a hurry, but wanted to still apply some eyeshadows, and brighten my eye area as well as make my lashes look thicker and fuller. I used a technique that I actually learned from a makeup guru on youtube (although I think it was in one of her very old videos.) This is also a look that I wore a lot last summer because it was so easy and summery. If you would like more information on the beauty guru (she doesn't do hardly any videos with BE but there is still a lot I have learned from her) MakeupByTiffanyD and the link to the video where I learned this teqnuqie is here

    Basic easy bright eye look:

    • High Shine Sand Dune on lid
    • Retro liner and blend up
    • Buxom leatherette close to upper lashes
    • FDM and FDVM
    • Everyday Foundation Routine 
    • smitten blush
    • Samantha Buxom (not pictured) 

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    Monday, May 9, 2011

    siren of the sea: look # 3

    When I was doing the swatches for this kit and I foiled mermaid I saw what a gorgeous color it is foiled. So in this look I decided to foil it which is not something I normally do at all. Here is the look I came up with:
    • foiled Mermaid on lid
    • buffed Mermaid (dry) in crease 
    • buffed Lucky over Mermaid in crease 
    • applied High Shine Sand Dune on inner corner of eye 
    • and inner corner of lower lashline halfway in
    • applied Lucky to lower lash line from the outside corner halfway in
    • lined upper lash line and tight lined with Buxom Leatherette 
    • curled lashes and applied Covergirl Lashblast volume and FDVM 
    • regular foundation routine
    • Coral blush on cheeks applied lightly 
    • Samantha Buxom on lips   

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    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    siren of the sea: look #2

    siren of the sea blushes bronze:
    • High Shine Sand Dune on lid
    • Blushing Bronze in crease and V
    • lined close to upper lash line with Buxom Leatherette 
    • and tight-lined with Buxom Leatherette 
    • wet lined with Mermaid along top lashes over black
    • Mermaid dry on lower lash line half way across
    • Covergirl Lashblast Volume & FDVM 
    • Everyday Foundation Routine
    • Smitten blush
    • Samantha Buxom

    I like to include the swatches in case you want to try this look and don't have one of the colors, you can easily find a dupe for it. 

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    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    new products and sale items!

    Lets start with new items at Sephora:
    Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara - it has a brush that turns up for volume and turns down to lengthen and separate! This is everything I want in a mascara (ok waterproof would be nice too) I can not wait to try it but I will have to because I want to see what other new things come out in may before I decide what to buy. It is selling for $22.
    Hot Ticket Kit - This is the first buxom kit to come with a stay-there eyeshadow! It also comes with a mini buxom, mini eyeliner, and full size buxom mascara all for $29! Not a bad deal at all.
    Buxom Eyeshadow Palette - This comes with four stay-there eyeshadows, three of which are all new! And all in a sleek black case and the plus side is that you can take the jars out, in case you want to change them out and take them to go, and all for only $42!

    Also there are some good deals on BE products in the Sephora Sale section so be sure to check that out!

    On from now until May 8th if you buy any lip products enter the code: AMAZING to get free shipping! You can even get the new Pretty Amazing lip colors in the lip kits, so happy shopping!


    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    bare escentuals on the world wide web

    Shape Magazine is currently polling for their 2011 Beauty Awards and BE is up for two! The first one is in the eyeshadow category for their Buxom Stay-There Shadows. The second is in the gloss category (probably because it didn't fit anywhere really) for the Pretty Amazing Lip Colors. So go here and vote if you love these products!

    Also there is a feature on about the new Pretty Amazing lip colors, just a little review but if you have yet to try them go there and you can read what they are all about. They really describe these the best way, as a lipstick and gloss all in one. I have never been one to wear lipstick and am usually wearing gloss but I love these!


    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    siren of the sea: the original look

    This is the look done as the tip card said to with one change; the tip card said to wet line with mermaid:

    • Sand Dune on lid
    • Mermaid in crease
    • Buxom gel liner in black
    • Regular Foundation Routine
    • Coral Blush
    • Glazed donut as a dupe for Chiffon 

    Also here is an updated photo of my teeth a few days after using the smiling bright system and of course brushing them. I feel like the brushing helped to remove and stains or specs still on my teeth. 

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    new monthly posts & siren of the sea: kit and swatches

    I tend to buy the majority of my BE in kits but I find that I only wear the shadows the way that the tip cards say to. So in an effort to branch out I am going to start doing a kit of the month. That means that I will post the kit and the look done like the tip card says too at the beginning of the month and then will see what other looks I can do with it all throughout the month, either using only what came in the kit or by adding some other colors. And as this is the first of the month I have decide to make this my first one!

    Siren of the Sea is an old kit that BE just brought back to much happiness! I think this was the first eyeshadow kit that I bought and the kit that started it all for me. It was available at Sephora in the summer of 2009 and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. Right now it is sold out online but keep your eye on it and get it if you don't already have it! Here is the link. These are some of my most worn e/s colors and I am completely out of the lip color that came with it because I wore this so often.

    The Kit includes:
    • Sand Dune High Shine e/c
    • Mermaid e/c
    • Hydrating Coral Blush
    • Hydrating Mineral Veil
    • Lipgloss in Chiffon 
    • Double ended Hydrate & Brighten Brush
    • Straw Clutch

    Swatches left to Right: (dry then foiled) Sand Dune, Mermaid, Coral blush, and my dupe for the lipgloss Glazed Donut

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